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Reporting problems

It’s easy to report problems to the council on their website:

But there is also a smartphone app available (details are on the link above). The app allows you to take photos of problems as you find them and report them directly to the council from the app. Users report a good response from the council when using the app.

Old cinema site

The proposed redevelopment of the old cinema site on King Street (and the Town Hall area next to it) will no longer happen. New proposals are being put forward. There is not much detail on these at present, and we will update you when we have more news. If you want to attend one of the consultations that the council is planning, register your interest by emailing:

Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The minutes of the last meeting of the board can be found by clicking on the Safer Neighbourhoods tab, above.

The September newsletter for our area can be downloaded here

In addition, the team now has a Facebook page up and running. Search for "Ravenscourt Park Police" and LIKE the page. This will allow you to follow the team on Facebook for the latest news and events going on around the ward.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week runs from 14th to 21st October, and there will be awareness stalls in Shepherd’s Bush, Lyric Square and Fulham Broadway.

Safer Neighbourhood Team surgeries

You can meet with the Met Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team for our area during their surgery hours. It’s your chance to ask questions and raise concerns directly with our local police. The surgeries are held in the Posk Centre, 238 - 246 King Street. The next one will be:

Saturday 30th SEPTEMBER 2017  2pm-3pm

Latest planning applications

69 - 77 Black Lion Lane is here.

3 St Peter’s Square is here and here.

24 St Peter’s Square (for filming) is here.

22 & 24 St Peter’s Grove is here.

1 St Peter’s Villas is here.

11 Theresa Road is here.

38 St Peter’s Square can be found here and here.

11 - 21 Beavor Lane can be found here.

4 St Peter’s Villas can be found here and here.

Report a crime

The Met’s website has a feature that allows people to report crimes online.

In order to report an incident, you fill out the form on this link:

In other policing news, the the latest crime report for our area can be viewed here.

Friends of Ravenscourt Park

The Friends of Ravenscourt Park have launched a new website:

A history of St Peter’s

Jilly Paver has written a book, St Peter’s Estate: A History of St Peter’s Square and its neighbourhood. The book outlines the original development, growth and change of the area over the last 200 years.  It includes newly researched information, photographs, maps and anecdotal accounts from times past. Keith Whitehouse, Chair of the Fulham and Hammersmith Historical Society says This is a very detailed and fascinating book, a must not just for local residents but for those with a general interest in local history. The book costs £7.50 and can be ordered by emailing your contact details (email and phone number) to Jilly at:

Neighbourhood watch

Click on the link below to view/download a longer article about Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, as well information about who to contact and when regarding an incident:

Neighbourhood Watch

Robin Nott is the N/W coordinator for St Peters Square and Villas. Anybody in the area interested to be added to the emailing list should contact SPRA (

The latest report from Ravenscourt Park Neighbourhood Watch can be downloaded here.

London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network

Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL are keen to encourage more people to get involved in biological recording and to support existing recorders to carry out surveys and share records with them. They welcome enthusiasts of all kinds.


The Committee has decided to adopt a rotating Chair system until such time the position is filled on a permanent basis. Stephen Askins is currently acting chair.


Local conservation charity Groundwork has a whole range of upcoming events. Visit the website to find out more:

Butterfly monitoring on the Scrubs happens every Monday through the summer weather permitting (except bank holidays, when it will be on either the Tuesday or the Friday). Contact for details.

Think about storing these numbers in your phone:

Parks Police

If you encounter crime or antisocial behaviour in St Peter’s Square (or other parks in the area) you can report it to the Parks Police on 020 8753 5999. Find out more about the service here.


The Neighbourhood Safety Group has details of the appropriate means of contacting the Police.

Dial 999 if:

  1. You are a witness/victim of a crime and the suspect is there or nearby.

  2. Police are needed to preserve the peace, or prevent escalation of a dangerous situation.

  3. A crime is about to be committed.

  4. You require protection from physical harm.

You can also report a crime online using this link:

Or hate crimes can be reported using this link:

Dial 0208 563 1212 if:

  1. Police are needed soon but it is not an emergency (e.g. a burglary and the suspect is no longer on the premises).

Dial 0208 721 2519 if:

  1. If you want to speak to a member of the crime team but it is not an emergency and can wait for a few days if necessary.

  2. We would advise you make a note of these numbers for your ease of reference.

LBH&F Council

Phone number for the Town Hall: 87548 3020

There is a Cleaner Greener line operated by LBHF.  You  can contact the line via the normal 87548 3020 Town Hall telephone number or you can report problems online.  They cover things such as street lamps not working,

uneven pavements which are a hazard, fly tipping, abandoned rubbish such as beds and chairs left on street. They promise to deal with these things

within 48 hours.



St Peter’s Residents Association,



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