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GRW Ward Panel minutes 10th June

Grove, Ravenscourt and Wendell Ward Panel




Meeting 10th June 2024 6.30 - 8.00pm

Latymer Upper School




David Millar (Chair)​ Sgt Sam Harding (G/R)

Christine Coyle​​ PC Jo Day (R)

Maugie Lyons​​ PC Judyta Mensah (R)

Angela Horsfall​​ PCSO Theresa Keeley (R)

Steve Askins​​ PC Aaron Lee (G)

Matthew Trafford​​ PC Christopher Walden (G)

Fiona Fox​​​ Sgt Donna Mallon (W)

Jane Shaw​​​ PC Jenny Doe (W)

Alan Denney​​ PC Miriam Jamawa-Mutaasa (W)

Zoe Marinova​​ PCSO Sharon McMillan (W)




John Trotter

Nicki Goodfellow

Joanna Edmunds

Robin Nott

John Ashworth

Victoria Lawrence

Ian Cranna

Una Winfield


1. Welcome, introductions and apologies.


DM welcomed new members to the meeting and thanked the police for an excellent turnout.

It was unfortunate that there was a small presence from the community. There was agreement that we should consider using Teams/Zoom as medium to help a wider audience to access the meeting. This is beyond the skill set of the Chair, but luckily a number of people present suggested they could help. Reminder emails closer to the date of the meeting would be useful.


In London terms the crime rate in our three wards is below the average so there are not necessarily the drivers for individuals/households to become involved. Equally the existence of the Ward Panel is not widely known and any thoughts to expand membership will be welcomed by the Chair.


2. Overview of policing and community engagement.


The Mayoral and General Elections appear to have paused work at both MOPAC and the MET on any developments regarding community engagement.


On the 28th February the police rolled-out their new computer system for recording crime. It is having some teething problems and accessing relevant crime data in a generalised format is not currently possible. Crime figures for each ward provided by Police.UK do not appear to tally with the recorded crimes by our local teams. The meeting took verbal reports for each of our wards.


3. Ravenscourt Ward.


Theft from motor vehicles has been the largest crime category for a number of years. As an example, the number was 40 in November last year, but had reduced to 6 in both March and April. The reduction was primarily due to a targeted operation by wider police resources who identified three prolific offenders, two of whom were arrested and one is now in prison.


The meeting thanked the police for their success and encouraged them to continue their good work.


An increase in burglary (please note that theft of a parcel from the doorstep is classed as burglary) particularly along the river has been noted and remains under police vigilance.


4. Grove Ward.


It appears that a significant contribution to crime in the ward is the movement of people travelling north from King Street particularly in the latter part of the evening. There has been an increase in theft from a motor vehicle which includes the stealing of car brand badges/insignia with VW being particularly ‘popular’.


Drug dealing has also seen an increase. The police confirmed that this was firmly on their radar and that plans were ‘in the works’ and would be reported on at the next meeting.


5. Wendell Ward.


Overall crime is now at a low level in the ward, however drugs (using and dealing) is a specific issue and affects a number of roads and outlets (laundrette)in the area.  As per the comment for Grove the police have a plan of action.


Some residents were concerned about the lack of street lighting in particular in a passageway off Gayford Rd. PC Jenny Doe undertook to chase the Council on this.


6. General points.


Retail crime (shoplifting) is a continuing problem and the police confirmed the press reports that theft under the value of £200 would not be prosecuted. Police are visiting shopkeepers to build intelligence on prolific offenders.


The police again stressed the need to report crime. Apart from ringing 999 if there is an emergency or actual crime taking place the best reporting mechanism is via


Subject to the police roster schedule the next meeting will be held in mid September.





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