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About SPRA

St Peter's Residents' Association, established in 1977, is open for membership to all residents living in the area bordered to the north by King Street, to the East by Beavor Lane, to the South by the Great West Road and to the West by British Grove. This area is broadly consistent with the area covered by the St.Peter's Conservation Area.  


The Association has as its governing objectives the maintenance of the quality of life in the area, seeking to foster community relations as well as maintain and enhance the neighbourhood.  It seeks to represent the interests of residents in various ways including welcoming new members, supporting events in the area, commenting on planning issues and both taking part in consultations with and making representations to the Council about local issues.  


The Association has links with other local organisations, including the police "Safer Neighbourhood Team", St. Peter's Church and School as well as other residents' associations or groups in the Borough. Overall, the Association seeks to use the skills and experience of its members to maintain and enhance those aspects of the area which make it such an attractive place to live.

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Join us

If you are new to the area or, indeed, an existing resident who has not yet become a member, we invite you to join us in seeking to ensure that what attracts us to the area and makes us so fortunate to live in and around St. Peter's Square is preserved and enhanced for present and future residents.

To become a member please click the button below to email us with your name, address and contact details.


Membership costs £5 single, £10 per household (concessions £3/£6) per annum. If possible, we ask you to set up a direct debit, subscriptions are normally due in January.


This gives you full member benefits including regular email updates, priority booking periods and access to subsidised events such as the Winter Party. 

SPRA Committee

The Association is run by a Committee of volunteers elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting which also elects the officers of the Association.

Meetings of the Committee are held throughout the year. In addition to the Committee there are also Street Representatives who deliver newsletters and provide support to the Committee.


The Committee welcomes any resident interested in becoming involved.  Why not join a meeting to get an idea of what being a Committee Member entails before being either co-opted as a Member or putting yourself forward for election at the next AGM?

The current team

Chair: Joanna Edmunds

Vice Chair: Stephen Askins

Treasurer: Philip Back

Secretary: Alessia Pulieri Lichtenberg

Voice of Experience: Liz Ryland

Shakespeare in the Square: Louise Devonshire

Garden Maestro: Oliver Leigh Wood

School liaison: Charlotte Reed

Photo: Left to right

Front: Alessia, Joanna, Liz

Back: Charlotte, Philip, Oliver, Steve, Lou

SPRA Guest Dog: Zephyr

The committee of the St Peter's Residents' Association
Organized Files

The formalities  

The official processes and documents



The Association's AGM is usually held around at the beginning or end of the summer and all members are warmly invited.


In addition to the election of the Committee and officers as mentioned above, the Chairman and Treasurer present their respective reports and there is an opportunity for any member to raise issues of concern or seek further information on matters dealt with by the Committee. There is also the opportunity to socialise with other members before and after the meeting.







Committee Minutes

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